Stripe, although having been around a shorter time than PayPal, has already proven to be a top choice of payment gateway for event promoters. It works slightly differently from PayPal in that it creates more opportunities for integration. Some payment gateways will charge a monthly fee while others, as explained by the card machine cinema analogy, charge a fee per purchase. If a customer rightly demands a refund and the payment gateway is holding that money for too long, it’s going to look bad on your brand. Software integration ensures a payment gateway can work within your website. Choose a payment gateway that is flexible, scalable and offers the latest technologies.

White Label Payment Gateway Solutions

A payment gateway is essentially the middle man between your customers paying for a ticket to an event on your website and your business’s bank account; they take care of transferring payments over to you, the merchant. Payment gateways are secure and will encrypt private banking details entered into your website. Our cutting-edge proprietary cloud-based technology powers this platform with many features (Fraud & Risk Management, Compliance management module, advance reporting module, among others). At Agpaytech, our laser focus is on innovation and customer value supported by the highest investment levels in R&D in the industry. Therefore it creates a unique market offering technology platform in banking. While using custom payment solutions, there is no support team that can help you, skyrocketing the costs of the customization process.

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In comparison, WorldPay requires users to install its software as an API. As Shopify’s point of sale system, Shopify POS allows you to process in-person transactions on what is white label payment gateway a mobile device or a tablet. It can also sync inventory information between online and brick-and-mortar stores, which is great if you’re selling both on and offline.

A fully white label payment gateway and fraud prevention system that is suitable for companies of all sizes, from SMEs to multi-national corporations. Transferring high volumes of payment data to a whole new platform isn’t easy, but with the right white-label payment software provider, it won’t be a problem. Let’s find out what motivates companies to switch from their own payment gateway to a white-label provider. Developing a payment gateway in-house can be extremely expensive with many additional costs and high transaction fees.

Best payment gateway providers to choose

You get multi level reports, at organization and account levels, thanks to our analytics engine. SEO and unique content – we’ll build an eye-pleasing, engaging website your customers will fall in love with instantly. We’ll assist you in developing a website that has a strong online presence and effectively reaches its target audience.

White Label Payment Gateway Solutions

We ensure that your businesses have a snapshot of the account balances for all payment methods in a single, integrated report. Our platform expands your ability to accept payments, supports expansion without infrastructure or development expenses, and manages risk. Transferring years of transactions may take more than a few days, if not months, in case you plan to do it manually.

How we chose the best payment gateways

We have designed a simple, intuitive and user-friendly online payment platform for your customers to experience flawless service and pay by cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.). White label payment gateway positively affects customer loyalty and confidence in the quality of your services. A potential customer can be suspicious if he has to go to a third-party site during the payment process with the card. Thanks to the technique, the company’s management may add its identification marks to the service.

White Label Payment Gateway Solutions

It can be integrated thoroughly into any site with a range of customisable features – something you don’t get with cheaper packages in PayPal. A suitable payment gateway is an integral part of ticket selling for events. Take a look at five of the most popular event payment processing gateways available to use for your event. In other words, their services are allowed to be fully branded and In-House from start to finish, bringing all payments through their highly secured processes to prevent fraud at any level. Their mission to increase the Gross Domestic Product of the Internet says everything about them.

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