Traditionally, if you wanted to offer financial products and services, you would be subject to very specific regulatory obligations – perhaps even the need to secure a banking license. BaaS allows businesses to pick and choose the services they need from a wide range of dedicated service providers. By using APIs, businesses can easily access the parts of the banking they require allowing them to concentrate on building great products.

Jiani has extensive experience in management consulting, marketing, product development and technology management. She also holds expertise in building and growing a business with P&L responsibility and leading teams in business strategy, offering & product development, go-to-market, and sales execution. For example, let’s say you add payments to your core solution, allowing your customers to accept money on your platform.


In addition to getting ahead in open banking, legacy institutions that launch their own BaaS platforms are also opening up new revenue streams. The two main monetization strategies for BaaS include charging clients a monthly fee for access to the BaaS platform or charging a la carte for each service used. If you’re a fintech or startup interested in onboarding with a BaaS, Flagright’s Launchpad offers a great solution that can help your business get up and running quickly and easily.

What is Banking-as-a-Platform

Then, to set up deposit accounts, debit or credit cards, and loans, more customization is added. Banking-as-a-platform alleviates the burden of developing and operating a digital infrastructure to support desired banking services, allowing businesses and firms to focus more on providing an exceptional banking experience. Banking and payments are becoming more open source than ever before, providing access to tools and services previously locked from the public eye. On top of that, three separate metrics highlight the current shift in the market. 30% of customers are considering switching banks, 42% of customers have used a Buy Now, Pay Later service, and 2x ROAA for banks focused on BaaS offerings.

What is platform banking?

Banking as a Service is important because it improves the end customer experience by providing comprehensive BaaS solutions as partnered ecosystems. BaaS provides traditional banks with new customers and enhanced revenue streams. FinTech companies and other providers of the BaaS experience launch small businesses with substantial growth potential, new products, and business models. With BaaP models banks can improve their agility and flexibility to respond quickly to customer requirements in an evolving market landscape.

What is Banking-as-a-Platform

When you first start providing embedded finance services to customers, you may start with only one service, such as cards. As customer demand grows, you may want to provide access to additional services, such as financial accounts. These various financial services are all related to dealing with money—accessing it, storing it, spending it, and moving it—so your systems need to be able to talk to each other and pass important customer information. Rather than scaling your embedded finance offerings using various point solutions, look for a single system that can support a variety of financial services as you expand. BaaS lets the brand’s end customer readily obtain banking services at the same source when buying a product or service. Embedded bank services include FinTech payments and getting product financing, loans, and credit cards through a seller’s website.

Open Banking Vs. BaaS simplified

But what’s most appealing for many companies is the revenue it generates. Toast provides hardware and software that helps restaurants get paid by diners. When they talked to restaurant owners, Toast realized that many of them couldn’t get the financing they needed to run their businesses. Toast started offering restaurant financing in 2019, and today their lending business generates $14M of revenue per year. Across industries, digital transformation is democratizing data to enable greater transparency and better customer experiences.

Banking as a Service describes a model in which licensed banks integrate their digital banking services directly into the products of other non-bank businesses. Banking as a Platform enables fintech and non-financial companies to provide services to banking institutions. In banking as a platform, technology companies provide software and infrastructure to banks and other financial services providers. With Banking-as-a-Platform , third-party developers can build products and services for bank customers. BaaS providers are integral for a variety of businesses, from neobanks to marketplaces.

What is Banking As a Service and How is it Different From Open Banking

These regulations seek to open the financial sector to competition, stimulate innovation, reduce costs, increase transparency and empower consumers. Covers the entire dealer commercial lending process delivering digitization banking as a service platform and innovation, lowering operating costs, reducing operational risk and enabling agile operations. Banks win because they increase customer satisfaction, simultaneously saving money on development and support.

What is Banking-as-a-Platform

While we’ve seen a growth in online payments software, platform banking is still on the rise. An article from Deloitte in 2019 even said that some still see platform banking as far-fetched. However, those in the fintech industry know that platform banking has expanded beyond that.

Why is Banking as a Service crucial for fintech?

This makes it far easier for traditional banks to partner up with other organizations to provide unique and custom banking products to their customers. All in all, digital banking services generate more revenue and create a better customer experience. Neobanks are online-only banking platforms without branches or a banking license, according to a Forbes Advisor article (What is a Neobank? ).

What is Banking-as-a-Platform

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