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Our Services

The one-stop-shop door-to-door delivery solution for your e-business with no hidden cost.

Same Day

● 2 hours delivery
● 4 hours delivery



Per order

Next Day

Minimum 10 orders

Self-drop-off / Self pick-up:
No min. order



Per order


● Up to 2 pallets
● Free pick and pack service of 20 parcels
● Pick and pack service from $1/order
● Micro-fulfillment available



Per order


International Express Service: 3 - 6 Days



Per parcel

All-in-one Smart Logistic Platform

Our platform covers both local and international deliveries, provides you with highly flexible, reliable and customised logistic solutions.

Guaranteed Delivery with Real-Time Tracking

Our 24-hour GPS tracking technology allows you to log goods and logistics orders in real time, ensuring a safe and reliable delivery experience.

Flexibility to Accommodate Peak Season Delivery Demand

Create your next day or same day order with us now! You can also use our self pick-up and drop-off service to arrange your business freely!

Industries We Deliver For

Need food delivery services but can't find a suitable commission-free, on-demand delivery provider? We deliver groceries, pastries, hot meals, frozen food, wine for restaurants, bakeries, meal subscription services and more. Our delivery offerings are diverse and can be tailored to your business's specific needs and budget, enabling you to save cost.

Are you starting a new business or expanding your e-commerce store and looking to set up a regular pickup and delivery process? Thinking of offering fast and flexible shipping options but don't know where to start? Pickupp delivers for many growing e-commerce stores and can help you too.

Thinking of offering faster and more flexible delivery services to your customers to increase sales and customer satisfaction? Need reliable and insured deliveries for your expensive products? Pickup delivers for established fashion brands and can deliver for you too.

Need to arrange a document delivery for your company and need it fast? With our on-demand delivery service, we can deliver in 2 hours or 4 hours, depending on your needs and budget.
Starting a new business online but do not have an e-commerce platform set up yet? An extension to our food delivery services, Shop On Pickupp is an e-commerce platform that supports automatic delivery fulfilment and payment to help you save time. It is also an opportunity to market your store and increase sales. We won’t just deliver for you, we could sell your products too!

Maximise your delivery efficiency with the following features:

Solutions for Businesses

Deliver with us and expect special top-up flashbacks and discounts. Our technology-enabled dashboard is made for both small and large businesses. If you’re an e-commerce store on Shopify or Woo-Commerce, use our integration for automated order fulfillment.

Each of these features can be customized and tailored to suit your specific business needs.

Our Customers

"Managing the Sorra channel community while handling multiple Sorra Mart orders by myself is challenging. Luckily, Pickupp helped me to solve logistics problems efficiently and professionally. Now I can focus on the core business while managing."

Testimonial #1 Designation

"Pickupp’s smart system not only allows us to easily connect with our Shopify account, but also offers GPS real-time tracking. Now, we can easily monitor a wide range of orders at the same time."

Testimonial #2 Designation

"Opening a shop during the pandemic was challenging. We were so lucky to find out Shop on Pickupp, this one-stop e-commerce platform not only assists us to attract a lot of customers, but also provides flexible delivery services for us. We can now focus on developing cookies with more flavours and provide abundant products to our customers."

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What is Shaheen Express?

Leading smart logistics platform in Asia.






Business in Asia






delivery agents in Asia and Hong Kong

Our technology supports delivery optimisation in a way that increases efficiency and saves cost. Depending on your delivery needs and budget, we will match your order with the best-suited delivery agent and courier your parcel at the lowest cost.